SFX Studio Inc., was created in 1995 by Joel Echallier and is an award winning full-service prosthetics, Make-up and animatronics FX company for the motion picture and television industry.

Joel Echallier, a French born in the 1970's, has succeeded through a 20-year career as a creator of sculptures, creature costumes, puppets and special make-ups.

SFX Studio Inc. started in Europe where it created numerous effects and creatures for the European market. After moving it's offices to Vancouver - Canada, it rapidly began working on shows like "The Outer Limits", "Valentine" and "Scary Movie" in 1998-99. Later on, Joel Echallier and SFX Studio's talented team contributed to breathtaking special make-up FX for such films as X-Men 3, Chronicle of Reddick, Scary Movie 3, Night at the Museum and Alien Trespass.


18-145 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam, BC V3K 4X8, Canada

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